About Us

  • At COLAUR contracting + design we take a personalized approach to renovation. We understand that home improvement can be a hassle and take every step possible to lessen the inconvenience to your household and routine. When needed, we’ve even been known to walk a client’s dog and put their pot roast in the oven! You can talk to every person on our team and will feel safe having us in your home. We’re an educated, fun, and caring team of perfectionists who take great pride in transforming your home. We are honored to work with you and to count so many of you as new friends!


    Colleen Shimmons

    Colleen started framing houses as a summer job at age 16 and entered carpenter’s apprenticeship school fresh out of high school. One of few women, she outshone her male counterparts and earned her Journeyman Carpenter card in record time. She proceeded to work construction on high-rise buildings and do finish work with exotic woods. When an injury left her unable to swing a hammer, she joined her parent’s painting business. Now 30 years later as the head of COLAUR c+d, her passion for “making pretty” is stronger than ever!


    Colleen is a people person. She has a rare and wonderful gift of connecting with people, detecting their needs, and making them feel at ease. She is a consummate networker and knows everyone in the business! If part of your project is outside our scope, she can connect you to the best person for the job. With her attention to detail, concern for her clients, and love for the job, it’s no wonder that clients become true friends and write their checks with a smile!


    Laurel Shimmons

    You may have been concerned having other contractors in your home in the past. With COLAUR c+d, you can rest easy with the knowledge that Laurel is a trusted and decorated former Detective with the Santa Monica Police Department. From an early age she was captivated by home improvement and learned the skills of the trade from her General Contractor father. Eight years ago she chose to professionally pursue her lifelong passion for design and trade in her badge for a paint brush. She joined Colleen in her existing business and together formed COLAUR c+d. A natural strategic planner and manager, Laurel gracefully guides our projects to completion swiftly and precisely. She has a wonderful eye for design and has conceived many stunning rooms and landscapes. Her attention to detail borders on nit-picky – when her team completes a job, you can bet its perfect!